Choccy’s Diary: The Pogba and Real Madrid Saga, No to Neymar and Transfer Talks

RedArmyBet ambassador Brian McClair gives his opinions on United transfers, why he would say no to Neymar and discusses the Pogba and Real Madrid saga.

Posted by Angelina Kelly
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Choccy’s Tales


It has been a quiet week or two since my last diary before I embark on a few adventures over the next month, however I have been enjoying the sporting events that are taking place.

The Cricket World Cup has been great minus the poor weather conditions and the World Cup has also been a brilliant tournament to watch. So far it has been action packed and I’m looking forward to the next round despite Scotland not being in the last 16.

The Pogba & Real Madrid Saga Continues…


I saw Paul Pogba’s interview in Tokyo and I have to say I am disappointed. Sometimes you read things online and you can be unsure about how something was said, when you hear something, you’re slightly more aware of what the intention was behind what somebody says.

However, to sit and watch an interview, you see the person’s face, how a message is delivered, if there’s humour behind it or not which is why Pogba’s interview was so much worse in my opinion.

The Frenchman commented on last season being his best, statistically maybe, but looking at his performances, how can you be successful if you put in a 3/10 performance one game and then a 7/10 performance in the next game?

I remember Sir Alex would always expect us to put in between 6/10 and 10/10 in every single performance, anything less would demonstrate that you weren’t putting enough effort into the game. At Pogba’s age with his talent he shouldn’t be having 3/10 games at all.

He divides opinion as yes, he’s a good player but what influence does he have at the club and is it positive or negative?

For me with Paul’s history at the club what he has said is disrespectful and you would expect that doing an event with a sponsor of the club that questions should be vetted, however, this sponsor also sponsors Real Madrid, but they still should have supported Pogba in avoiding questions like that.

We all know that with top players, if they want to leave a club then there should be a level of dignity. However, Real Madrid’s dealings with Manchester United transfers have always been underhanded apart from with Cristiano Ronaldo as the player had spoken to Sir Alex and they made a collective decision regarding his departure.

Their only other transfer that springs to mind as being dignified was again with Ronaldo when he moved to Juventus. There was no mess or drama and it was done correctly and this is something the footballing world needs to take note of as it sends the right message that transfers can be turned around in a positive way without problems.

Mata to stay


I am really pleased to see that Juan Mata’s future at United has been confirmed with the Spaniard putting pen to paper on a contract that will keep him at the club until June 2021, with the option to extend for a further year.

I think Mata is a great positive influence at the club, and I think he can still play enough games to be an important part of the squad. One thing I have always liked about Mata is his effort.

He always plays and tries his best; he plays in different positions and never seems to complain – it’s a shame we don’t have more players with those attributes! I think although he won’t play every game, he would also make a great captain and leader at United.

Transfer Talks


United have also announced the official confirmation of the signing of Daniel James which I was really happy to hear about.

He fits in with everything I have said previously in my diary, we need young home-grown players who want to develop and I am excited to see him in the upcoming season. I hope that following in his footsteps will be some more young player such as James Maddison who has been linked with a move to Old Trafford.

He’s a good solid footballer who knows his role and is another with youth on his side! I remember Eric Cantona’s famous “water carrier” statement regarding Didier Deschamps, however I think you need a “water carrier” which is what Maddison would be in my opinion you need a player who knows their role and is confident enough to carry the team and put a good shift in.

No to Neymar


I also read this week that there a rumours of United making a big for Neymar which personally, I don’t see happening. From a shirt selling aspect I could see the appeal of course however despite being talented I don’t understand what benefit football wise he would have.

Not only does the Brazilian have a history of injuries, but for me personally star players who would come to the club for a year or two possibly, just to tick another experience off their list is not what United need.

As I said in my last diary we need players that are committed to helping us rebuild and Neymar is not that type of player. In addition I can’t him coming to Old Trafford with no Champions League football, so personally I don’t see the PSG star jumping on a plane to Manchester anytime soon.

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