Crolla’s Diary: Khan’s Win, Canelo v GGG II & AJ vs Povetkin

RedArmyBet's ambassador looks at the upcoming bouts and gives us some info on his next fight!

Posted by Jay Mottershead

Anthony Crolla (right) walks back to his corner after knocking down Ismael Barroso during the WBA World Lightweight Title bout at the Manchester Arena.

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Amir Khan do it, but it may be difficult getting the opponent he wants.

When it comes to Amir fighting Pacquiao, I see that Pacquiao’s got problems of his own, I saw a post from him on social media congratulating ESPN on their new deal, but he’s still waiting on wages from the Matthysse fight. If that’s the case, I can’t see it happening before Christmas, when things like this go public, it’s usually not a good sign.

Do I think Amir and Kell will happen? No I don’t. I hope it does, but I’ll be very surprised if it does. Amir could have fronted it and said ‘yeah we’ll have Brook, next’ but he admitted that Pacquiao’s his main target. Obviously Amir didn’t have his best night on Saturday night, he struggled but that’s where last time against Lo Greco, it was two years out and it was a blow out wasn’t it. It didn’t do him that much good and we saw that I think on Saturday. He’s still adjusting I think to Joe Goossen, the speed is there, the frightening hand speed from Amir Khan, but after the knockdown, he got buzzed a few times after the knockdown after that.

It’s going to be interesting to see Amir’s next move, Eddie saying he wants to make the fight happen, it has to be next, but Kell saying he can do welterweight again. For me that takes away a lot of his advantages, it certainly hurt him last time getting down to welterweight, but then again he was right in the fight against arguably the best welterweight in the world in Errol Spence.

I’ll be surprised if the Amir Khan Kell Brook fight ever happens, but we’ll see.

Canelo vs GGG

I actually don’t think the first fight was a robbery, I had it very close and I think I had Golovkin by one, so I can easily see how a draw was given. I never got that straight away when people were saying it was a robbery. It’s such a tough fight to call, but I think what’s left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth is the suspension since and you feel like if justice is to be served then Golovkin has to win this one, it doesn’t always work like that though as we know.

I don’t know whether he looks a lot slimmer this time, whether he’s gonna move a lot more but it’s such a tough fight to call, I don’t say it confidently, but I say Golovkin, I do go Golovkin and I think most likely it would be points.

I noticed that his neck does look skinnier which isn’t the best trait for a boxer in Canelo, but I think Golovkin on points but it’s such a tough fight to call. I certainly don’t think the first fight was a robbery but I’m leaning towards Golovkin.

Golovkin to win on points is 3.25 with RedArmyBet 

Joshua v Povetkin

Dillian Whyte’s been named as the most likely to fight AJ in April, the thing with Povetkin is people forget, he’s very skilled, an Olympic gold medallist himself, two Olympic gold medallists fighting for the heavyweight title I’m not sure how often that happens. I believe it’s gonna be a bit of a shootout me. I saw Joshua recently saying how he thinks he’s boxed a little bit too negatively in his last few fights, but that could be a very dangerous thing as we saw with David Price. Povetkin has been hurt and hurt early in his previous fights, you look at the Klitschko fight, the Price fight, David Price was very close to getting him out of there. I think we might see one or two scares but I fancy Anthony Joshua in five or six rounds.

Joshua to win in rounds 4-6 is 16/5 with RedArmyBet 

I certainly think it will be exciting while it lasts, you forget that when it comes to Povetkin there’s not many tougher fights out there. If he’s not gonna fight Wilder, he’s not gonna fight Fury, there’s no one out there that you’d say is a better opponent.

Heavyweight division goes from strength to strength.

It’s tough, with the age, we don’t really know how old he is, I was impressed with Luis Ortiz, for me that was a fantastic win what Wilder got, so he ticked a lot of boxes that night. For me the momentum is with Wilder, the Fury vs Wilder fight, we know it’s gonna happen in December we just don’t know a date, for me the winner of that fight you would have to put in the number one spot. I just worry and I said this on the podcast when I was here last time, I would much rather be talking about Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, this time next year or at least another two fights. I just worry, it’s a bit too early, again, I hope I’m wrong. Tyson’s shocked us before and I really hope he does it again. The two fights he’s had after his troubles outside the ring isn’t the most ideal preparation for the Wilder fight, who for me is the most dangerous heavyweight on the planet.

There’s some great heavyweights coming through, there’s Dubois, Nathan Gorman, there’s a fighter who’s really worth keeping an eye out for, Martin Bakole. It’s a bit of a strange one, he’s from the Congo and he’s living in Airdrie with Billy Nelson, Billy Nelson is shouting from the rooftops about him. And obviously Joe Joyce is another one. So over the next few years it’s gonna be interesting.

Watch this space…

For my next fight I’m looking at the weekend of November 10th, derby weekend, so apologies for any partners out there who are gonna see their loved ones a bit worse for wear! I’m just waiting to get things confirmed but whatever title you want put to it, interim, regular whatever, it’s very likely to be a final eliminator for a world title fight.

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