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World Cup Fantasy Football £25K up for Grabs

Posted by Jay Mottershead
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This time next week 32 countries will embark on a mission to bring the greatest prize in football home with them, as the World Cup gets underway in Russia, with the hosts taking on Saudi Arabia for a mouth-watering opener.

For most United fans the idea of watching England, or any other national team sits somewhere between a trip to the dentist and a hangover riddled three hour shopping spree round Ikea on our bucket lists.

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However for the World Cup it’s hard not to buy into the excitement of it all as nations from around the globe, many of them with little or no chance of even getting out of the group, a notion England fans will sympathise with, descend on Russia in a football infused frenzy.

One way to make the first round of group games even more interesting and enjoyable not to mention giving yourself the chance of winning a share of £25,000, is to take part in RedArmyBet’s World Cup fantasy game.

Usually a game between Uruguay and Egypt would mean little other than hoping some form of long-term injury befalls anyone associated with Liverpool football club, but when we take part in a fantasy game it gives us a reason not to be quite so dismayed if certain players get on the scoresheet.

I’m not suggesting for one minute you’d catch me cheering a Mo Salah or Luis Suarez goal, but I may resist throwing something at my telly if they find the net and it helps me win a few quid.

It’s not just putting our rivals players into our teams that gives us an added reason to tune into the epic clash of Poland vs Senegal, simply having anyone featuring in matches makes you care about them that little bit more.

United fans are lucky in that our players feature for so many countries there’s almost always a day when a there’s a Red to rally round. The recent acquisition of midfielder Fred doesn’t just give Jose Mourinho the player his midfield has been crying out for, it also give us fans a reason to get behind Brazil other than simply pining after Neymar.

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Usually when we watch international football, we’ve little or no clue as to who’s who on the pitch unless they play for one of the bigger clubs, but when there’s money at stake and we’ve done our homework, things are a little different. We know only too well that Ayoub El Kaabi can’t stop scoring for Morocco or that Gabriel Enrique Gomez is Panama’s record cap holder and capable of finding the net from midfield.

It’s not just picking a winning side that can help you win a share of the £25,000, simply knowing someone who does may be enough, as RedArmyBet’s ‘refer a friend’ means that if your mate wins the overall game, you pick up £1000.

The game is free to enter for the first 1000 entries, the deadline is before the opening game, and the game runs until the final opening group games have been played.

So whether it’s Firmino or Fred for Brazil, Lukaku or De Bruyne for Belgium, take part in RedArmyBet’s fantasy game and picking the right player – regardless of their club – could help you be quids in.

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